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Declare a Public Affairs minor so you can make a major difference.

 Glenn College students can pursue the WGPP and SEPI minors. Other minors are offered to students with majors outside of the Glenn College.

Women, Gender and Public Policy

Address the policies that disproportionately impact women’s lives. Offered in partnership with the department of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, students examine feminist perspectives for creating and implementing public policies aimed at improving women’s lives. Graduates with this minor will have the tools to build more inclusive spaces for public engagement. 

What is the role of women’s voices in public life? What are the typical modes for women to engage in leading public affairs? What is the state of gendering in major societal institutions? Most importantly: How do we lead change?

Science and Engineering in the Public Interest (SEPI)

Act, innovate and lead in the public interest. From regulations to funding, understanding how policy and science interact is a valuable knowledge set. While STEM majors will dive into the technical aspect, the effectiveness of that knowledge can be enhanced with an understanding of policy that can have major impacts on various STEM industries. 

This minor is a partnership between the John Glenn College of Public Affairs and the Battelle Center at Ohio State. Courses give students the opportunity to specialize in a particular policy area of interest such as space, environmental or food policy.

Civic Engagement

Explore how political and community engagement can influence policy decisions and solve public problems.

At the Glenn College, we're committed to developing leaders and inspiring active citizenship. Through this interdisciplinary minor, students analyze ideas and concepts related to community, leadership, service, organization, capacity building and social change. Prepare to empower members of communities and lead them toward making a difference.

Courses teach students about how social change occurs, how members of a community can work together and how individuals can affect public policy issues. This minor offers answers to the long-standing question “can one person really make a difference?” 

Nonprofit Management

Experience how nonprofits shape public policy. Organizations throughout the public and private sectors are interacting and operating with increased overlap. As a result, nonprofits are engaged in a wide range of policy sectors, including social welfare, public health, education, arts and culture, social justice and business-government relations.

The minor addresses the distinctive features and practices of nonprofit organizations and emphasizes management techniques helpful to leaders in mission-driven organizations. Take courses from multiple departments on campus, pursue an internship with a nonprofit organization and gain further understanding of the impact nonprofits have in the public sector. 

Public Policy

Understand how policy is created and implemented and, most importantly, how it impacts our communities. Public policy refers to the actions taken by government entities to solve public problems. While drawing ideas from other disciplines and real-world public problems, the Public Policy minor introduces the policymaking and policy-analysis processes. 

Connect your passion to policy by learning skills such as analysis, management and public finance. This minor pairs well with multiple majors across campus.

Looking for Specialization Tracks?

Glenn College majors offer different specialization options, which allow students to focus on a particular policy area or develop a specific skill.