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Gender Differences in Workplace Incivility Experiences and Their Impacts on the Wellbeing and Retention of Women in Law Enforcement Organizations

Journal Title Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice
Published Date January 30, 2024
Research Type


This study examines differences in workplace incivility experiences between policewomen and policemen and the impacts of workplace incivility experiences on the emotional exhaustion and turnover intentions of policewomen. The analysis relies on survey data collected from 591 officers across 6 law enforcement organizations in the USA. The research reveals that, compared to policemen, policewomen report significantly higher levels of workplace incivility. Policewomen also report heightened emotional exhaustion and express a greater intention to leave their current positions than policemen. Moreover, the study finds that the increased workplace incivility experienced by policewomen exacerbates emotional exhaustion and may prompt them to consider leaving their organization. The implications of these findings for the well-being and retention of women in law enforcement organizations are thoroughly discussed.