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Credit Counseling and Long-Term Credit Outcomes: Evidence from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling’s Sharpen Your Financial Focus Program

Adrienne DiTommaso and Stephanie Moulton's study identifies the characteristics and long-term outcomes of consumers participating in nonprofit credit counseling, including those who do and do not enroll in debt management plans. 

A Dynamic Discrete Choice Model of Reverse Mortgage Borrower Behavior
International Economic Review

Stephanie Moulton examines the behavior of mortgage borrowers. 

Low-Income Homeownership and the Role of State Subsidies: A Comparative Analysis of Mortgage Outcomes
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management

Stephanie Moulton examines the role of state subsides on low-income home mortgages

Property Tax Compliance and Reverse Mortgages: Using Nudges to Improve the Market
National Tax Journal

Stephanie Moulton's study is based on a field experiment designed to increase the salience of property tax and insurance payments among a particularly vulnerable population, older adults who took out a reverse mortgage. 

Does Temporary Mortgage Assistance for Unemployed Homeowners Reduce Longer-Term Mortgage Default? An Analysis of the Hardest Hit Fund Program
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management

Stephanie Moulton and Stephanie Casey-Pierce analyze the longer-term effects of temporary mortgage payment subsidies on mortgage default.

Food Insecurity Among Older Adults in the U.S.: The Role of Mortgage Borrowing
Applied Economics Perspectives and Policy

Stephanie Moulton assesses the impact of new mortgage borrowing on food insecurity among homeowners aged 65 and older.

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