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Researching Homeownership Inequalities: A Life-Cycle Perspective

Journal Title Cityscape
Published Date January 01, 2022
Research Type


In this article, I interrogate four specific research topics at different stages in the homeownership life cycle—from mortgage underwriting to post-purchase support, as proposed in the HUD learning objectives. In reviewing each topic, I attempt to broaden the framing to shed light on mechanisms that contribute to observed disparities by race. These mechanisms include institutional practices and processes that may perpetuate inequalities and that could be the focus of targeted interventions for improvement. I also offer caution about potential pitfalls associated with a given topic that should be top of mind for researchers.

“Researching Homeownership Inequalities: A Life-Cycle Perspective,” in Brainstorming: Learning Agenda, Cityscape 24(2): 153-163. 2022.