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Latest Faculty Accomplishments

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Enhancing Power Grid Resilience for Navajo Nation

Associate Professor Noah Dormady is collaborating on a multi-university and multidisciplinary project to develop ways to enhance electric power grid resilience for Navajo Nation reservation residents. The team, supported by a $900,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, is modeling grid capacity expansion while considering resilience and energy justice, especially the impacts of long duration power outages on this and other socially vulnerable populations. Dormady also recently published “Methods and Lessons for Business Resilience and Recovery Surveys” in International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction.

Additional Faculty Achievements

Associate Professor Jeffrey Bielicki received a $50,000 grant from Ohio State Energy Partners, the university’s comprehensive energy management partnership, for the College of Engineering EmPOWERment program. He also published “Spatially-Explicit Absolute Life Cycle Assessment by Multi-Regional Hybrid Modeling: Computational Framework” in the Journal of Cleaner Production; “Global Assessment of the Carbon–Water Tradeoff of Dry Cooling for Thermal Power Generation” in Nature Water;Analytical Solutions to Evaluate the Geothermal Energy Generation Potential From Sedimentary-Basin Reservoirs” in Geothermics; “A Potential for Climate Benign Direct Air CO2 Capture with CO2-Driven Geothermal Utilization and Storage” in Environmental Research Letters; and “Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of CO2-Enabled Sedimentary Basin Geothermal” in Environmental Science & Technology.

Dean Trevor Brown and Faculty Emeritus Charles Wise, founding director, John Glenn School of Public Affairs, published “Ukraine’s Parliament in War: The Impact Of Russia’s Invasion on the Verkhovna Rada’s Ability and Efforts to Legislate Reforms and Join the European Union” in The Theory and Practice of Legislation.

Associate Professor Jill Clark published “Social Equity of Public Participation Environments” in the Journal of Social Equity and Public Administration.

Instructor Lisa Gajary and Faculty Emeritus Anand Desai published “Convergence Research as a ‘System-of-Systems’: A Framework and Research Agenda” in Minerva: A Review of Science, Learning and Policy.

Professor Ned Hill published “What Side of Town? How Proximity to Critical Survival Factors Affects Rural Business Longevity” in Growth and Change: A Journal of Urban and Regional Policy. 

Associate Professor Alex Hollingsworth published “Excess Emissions: Environmental Impacts, Health Effects and Policy Debate” in Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, outlining recent research that documents the incidence, magnitude, environmental impacts and health effects of these emissions to inform the considerable policy debate surrounding their regulation. He also published “Polluting under the Radar: Emissions, Inequality and Concrete Batch Plants in Houston” in Environmental Science and Technology; Simulated Power Analyses for Observational Studies: An Application to the Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansion” in the Journal of Public Economics; “A Thousand Cuts: Cumulative Lead Exposure Reduces Academic Achievement” in The Journal of Human Resources; and “Comparative Effects of Recreational and Medical Marijuana Laws on Drug Use among Adults and Adolescents” in The Journal of Law and Economics.

Professor Vladimir Kogan, political science, has continued to analyze student achievement following the COVID-19 pandemic. In his report, “Student Achievement and Learning Acceleration in Ohio,” he found that overall, average English/language arts achievement has returned to pre-pandemic levels (or nearly so), while math achievement remains significantly lower.

Professor Stephanie Moulton, associate dean for faculty and research, was elected vice president of the Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management and a member of the 2023 executive committee of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association. She also has been inducted as a faculty member of the Weimer School of Advanced Real Estate Studies, which recognizes, encourages and further educates leading real estate decision-makers in academia and industry. In addition, a working research paper, “How Does the Death of a Partner During the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect the Economic Security of the Surviving Older Adult? Evidence From Credit Panel and Labor Force Participation Data,” led by Moulton and Glenn College PhD candidate Matthew Pesavento, along with other Ohio State faculty members, was selected by the national Certified Financial Planning Board as the top retirement research paper of 2023. Moulton also published “Does Temporary Mortgage Assistance for Unemployed Homeowners Reduce Longer-Term Mortgage Default? An Analysis of the Hardest Hit Fund Program” in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management and “The Effects of Administrative Burden on Program Equity and Performance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in a Foreclosure Prevention Program” in RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences.

Assistant Professor Tasha Perdue published “Characterizing Prescription Opioid, Heroin and Fentanyl Initiation Trajectories: A Qualitative Study” in Social Science & Medicine.

Professor Jos Raadschelders, with co-author Aimee Franklin of the University of Oklahoma, published the book “Introduction to Governance, Government and Public Administration.” The undergraduate textbook provides an accessible and informative overview of the various substantive areas that comprise the study of public administration, drawing on examples and case studies from around the world. Raadschelders, who is co-editor-in-chief of Public Administration Review, and colleagues introduced “Practically Speaking,” a new section of the journal, to facilitate discussion, bridge the gap between scholarly research and practical needs, encourage contributions from officials across all levels of government, and summarize and highlight recent reports affecting citizens and the public sector.

Assistant Professor Christopher Rea published “A Framework to Centre Justice in Energy Transition Innovations” in Nature Energy. He proposes a framework for promoters, practitioners and underserved communities to center justice in energy transition innovations to target the problems and create energy transition innovations that better address specific aspirations, needs and circumstances. He also published “The Environmental State: Nature and the Politics of Environmental Protection” in Sociological Theory.

Assistant Professor Victor St. John published “Police Station Design and Intrusive Police Encounters: Untangling Variations in Emotions and Behaviourally-Relevant Perceptions Across Racial Groups” in Policing and Society.

Assistant Professor Long Tran, postdoctoral scholar Darwin Baluran and Professor Russell Hassan, Ambassador Milton A. and Roslyn Z. Wolf Chair in Public and International Affairs, published “The Relation Between Perceived Racial Discrimination and Civic Engagement Among People of Asian Descent” in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.

Professor Caroline Wagner published “China’s Use of Formal Science and Technology Agreements as a Tool of Diplomacy” in Science and Public Policy.

Professor Bruce Weinberg, Eric Byron Fix-Monda Endowed Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, published “Women Are Credited Less in Science Than Men in Nature.

Associate Professor Wendy Xu, public health, and colleagues published a new study, “Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Patterns Among Beneficiaries with Multiple Chronic Conditions,” in the Journal of the American Medical Association​​​. The research found that following decades of criticism for “cherry-picking” the healthiest patients, Medicare managed care plans now appear to be holding onto sicker patients with more complex health needs.

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