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High-touch mentorship sets students up for success

Our high-touch mentorship approach ensures students receive the guidance needed to complete the program in a reasonable amount of time and have success securing a job upon graduation.

Faculty Mentorship

Strong mentoring relationships are an essential component of our doctoral program. Through intensive mentoring and student-faculty co-authorship, our faculty helps students to publish academic research, develop interpersonal and presentation skills, and establish professional networks that set the foundation for a successful research career.

Our approach to mentorship has both informal and formal elements.

  • We ask that, at the time of application, prospective students describe faculty members they would like to work with. As part of our application review process, we ensure that those faculty are able to provide students with the intensive mentoring support they need to be successful.
  • During their first year in the program, students are encouraged to meet with members of our faculty with similar research interests. These meetings often develop into continuing conversations and guidance throughout the program.
  • Students often collaborate with faculty on papers and projects outside of their research appointments or curricular requirements.

Assigned faculty mentor

  • Upon entering the program, students initially work with the Director of Doctoral Studies to schedule courses and gain familiarity with the college and the doctoral program. By the end of their second year in the program, students select a faculty advisor and, together with that advisor, plan their dissertation research.

Annual review

  • Each spring, students participate in an annual review process, which serves both to document progress over the past year and to encourage reflection on successes, room for growth and plans for the coming year. Glenn College faculty meet one-on-one with students to provide supportive and constructive feedback on how to continue making the most of the doctoral training experience.

First year paper

  • Students begin writing an empirical research paper during their first year in the program. A faculty member serving as a First Year Paper Advisor leads and designs the research, with the aim of eventually coauthoring a published article with the student. This early introduction to research and publishing is also an opportunity to begin a working relationship with a potential doctoral advisor.

Dissertation process

  • After passing candidacy exams just prior to their third year in the program, students formally enter the dissertation phase of doctoral training. Students select a dissertation chair and a larger dissertation committee (often also consisting of faculty mentors from other departments).  These mentoring relationships helps students to produce rigorous research and to form professional networks that will help them secure a research or teaching position upon graduation.

Graduate Student Life

Students at the Glenn College are part of a collaborative community of supportive students, faculty, staff and alumni.

The broader Ohio State University community also provides students access to the resources and opportunities of a large and prestigious research institution, including world-renowned scholars across numerous fields and cutting-edge facilities.

The Ohio State University’s urban campus is in the U.S.’s 14th largest city, yet with a reasonable cost of living.

Living in Columbus

Earn your Doctorate in Public Policy & Management in Ohio’s capital and largest city, with access to state and federal organizations that often collaborate with our faculty on important and impactful research initiatives.

Ohio State's Columbus campus is located in the middle of the nation's 14th largest city. With a metro population of more than 2 million, Columbus is a top ranked city with a young, educated workforce and vibrant cultural scene.

skyline of downtown Columbus during a sunset with a clear blue sky and green foliage on the foreground.

Current Students

"The Glenn College became a home where I was able to think outside of the box and freely ponder many research ideas. My experience has helped me pursue and build my academic career after graduation. The environment was warm and peaceful, which allowed me to learn and grow. Many thanks to my excellent teachers and wonderful colleagues.”

Explore the Doctoral Program

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