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food and produce stand
Food Insecurity Among Older Adults in the U.S.: The Role of Mortgage Borrowing
Urban Policy and Housing
December 12, 2021
This study, published by Applied Economics Perspectives and Policy, assesses the impact of new mortgage borrowing on food insecurity among homeowners aged 65 and older
news data mapping
Mapping Civil Society in the Digital Age: Critical Reflections From a Project Based in the Global South
Data Analytics
December 10, 2021
This study, published in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, uses a variety of skills to develop a critical framework for mapping civil society in the digital age.
exterior shot of the United States Supreme Court building
How Procedural Experiences Shape Citizens' Perceptions of and Orientations Toward Legal Institutions: Evidence From a Household Survey in Bangladesh
Public Management and Leadership
December 09, 2021
This study, published by the International Review of Administrative Sciences, provides insight about how institutional context and experiences shape citizens' perceptions about procedural fairness and...
two woman standing at table with paper and laptop
Social and Technical Determinants of Perceived Contract Performance: Rules, Autonomy, and Ethics
Contracting and Public-Private Partnerships
December 08, 2021
This study, published by Public Performance and Management Review, finds that contract managers who have had more rules training tend to believe that they have less autonomy and view the behaviors of ...
ohio statehouse building with American flag flying
How to “Run” the Many Moving Parts of Democratic Government? Book review of Nissim Cohen (2021).
Public Management and Leadership
December 06, 2021
This review was written by Professor Jos Raadschelders and published in Public Administration Review.
woman in hijab and PPE in front of computer
One-Year In: COVID-19 Research at the International Level in CORD-19 Data
December 02, 2021
This study examines how the appearance of a novel coronavirus in late 2019 radically changed the community of researchers working on coronaviruses
skyline of downtown Columbus during a sunset with a clear blue sky and green foliage on the foreground.
Legacy Regions, Not Legacy Cities: Growth and Decline in City-Centered Regional Economies
December 01, 2021
In this study, published in the Journal of Urban Affairs, Professor Ned Hill discusses legacy cities and how policy can better suit these economies.
business disaster
The Cost-Effectiveness of Economic Resilience
November 29, 2021
This paper, published by the International Journal of Production Economics, incorporates resilience into longstanding economic production theory and identifies the key components for evaluating the co...